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2000 - November 18

Sky Master - Shooting Stars (Taken Off ‘Cajmere > Techno Funk’ LP) (Hard Hands/303 Recordings)
Rok - Cycle Sluts (Taken Off ‘Cajmere > Techno Funk’ LP) (Muller/303 Recordings)
Vincent D - Tribe (Taken Off ‘Cajmere > Techno Funk’ LP) (Theory/303 Recordings)
John Thomas - Undisputed Life (Remix) (‘Cajmere > Techno Funk’ LP) (Sino/303 Recordings)
Wookie - Back Up Back Up Back Up (Taken Off ‘Wookie’ Album) (Soul II Soul Recordings)
Gabrielle - Falling (Stanton Warriors Dub) (Go Beat)
Planet Funk - Chase The Sun (Extended Club Mix) (Bustin’ Loose (I))
Shut Up & Dance - £20 To Get In (Taken Off ‘Shut Up & Dance’ Compilation) (Shut Up & Dance)
Shut Up & Dance - Da String Tune (S.U.A.D. EXCLUSIVE)
Shut Up & Dance - No: Doubt (Shut Up & Dance)
Shut Up & Dance - Lamborghini (Original) (Off ‘Shut Up & Dance’ Album) (Shut Up & Dance)

SATURDAY MAIN SPIN (1) - 40 Minute Live Mix: Shut Up & Dance (21:40- 22:20)
Freq Nasty & DJ Deekline - Every Posse & Crew (2001 Breakbeat Odyssey) Electric Kingdom
Youngstar - Funk Power (New Deal)
Shut Up & Dance - Hold Tight (Shut Up & Dance)
Koma And Bones Vs. Databass - Fade In (The Program) (Koma & Bones Original Mix) Freakaboom
DJ Love Vs. Kelly Reverb - Electric Texan (Remix) (Lonestar)
Dave Clarke - Before I Was So Rudely Interrupted Part 1 (Icrunch.Com)
Shut Up & Dance - Action (Shut Up & Dance)
Santos - Camels (DJ Zinc Remix) (Incentive)
Wayward Soul - DJ Friendly (Off ‘Brothers From Another Planet’ LP) (PIAS)
Darkglobe - Hedd Up Hedd Down (Whole 9 Yards)
Blowfelt - Lickle Rolla (Copyright Cont./Blowfelt Ind.)
Youngstar - True VIP! (New Deal)
Shut Up & Dance - Phenomenon (Shut Up & Dance)
Shut Up & Dance - Da String Tune (S.U.A.D. EXCLUSIVE)

Ragga Twins - Wipe The Needle (Original) (Off ‘Shut Up & Dance’ LP) (Shut Up & Dance)
Mirwais - Naïve Song (Naiive/Epic)
Stones Roses/Jon Carter - I Am The Resurrection (Remix) (Off ‘The Remixes’) Jive/Silverstone
Bent - Swollen (Sport/Hed Kandi (II))
Muki - I Don’t Want To Know (Mantra/Hed Kandi (II))

SATURDAY MAIN SPIN (2) - 45 Minute Mix: Jacques Lu Cont @ Highrise/ULU [17/11/2K] (22:45- 23:30)
Full Tracklisting For Jacques Lu Cont Mix Below/Actual Transmission Began With LRD’s Jacques Your Body
And Ended With Bob Sinclar’s Save Our Soul
LRD - Jacques Your Body (Acapella) (Wall Of Sound)
Daft Punk - Revolution 909 (Original Mix) (Virgin)
Jacques Le Cont - CD/Sound FX (???)
Le Knight Club - Coco Girlz (Crydamoure)
Hakan Libdo - All I Want (Reset The Vocal) (Paper)
Modjo - Lady (Remix) (Barclay?)
Jacques Le Cont - CD/Sound FX (???)
Ian Pooley - 1000 Degrees (And Rising Mix) (V2)
Jacques Le Cont - CD/Sound FX (???)
LRD - From Disco To Disco (Wall Of Sound)
New Order - Blue Monday (12inch Mix) (Factory)
DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter - Together (Roule)
Stryker - Conscious (Gogsey’s Re- Edit) (Paper)
Bob Sinclar - Save Our Soul (Defected)

Jacques Le Cont - Jacques Your Body (’99 Mix) (Wall Of Sound)
LRD Featuring Nik Kershaw - Sometimes (LRD Remix) (Wall Of Sound)
Daft Punk - One More Time (Promo) (Virgin)
Jacques Le Cont - CD/Sound FX (???)
Etienne De Crecy - Am I Wrong (Extended) (Off ‘Am I Wrong’ EP) (XL/Solid)
Agent X - In The Morning (Taken Off ‘In The Morning EP’) (Planet E)
Benjamin Diamond - In Your Arms (We Gonna Make It Mix) (Epic)
Alan Braxe/We In Music - Penthouse (Off ‘Paris Is Sleeping/Respect Is Burning 2’) (Virgin)
Gamba Freaks - Down Down Down (Class A Remix) (Azuli)
Jacques Le Cont - CD/Sound FX (???)
LRD - (Hey You) What’s That Sound? (Wall Of Sound)

Aim - Cold Water Music (Taken Off ‘Cold Water Music’ LP) (Grand Central)
Danny Breaks - Guerilla Tactics (Off ‘Music For Martians & Other E.T.’S’) (True Playaz)
Bass City Rollaz - Feel The Bass (???)

(I) - THE SATURDAY SPONGE Planet Funk ‘Chase The Sun’ [Bustin’ Loose]
COMPILATION(S) OF THE WEEK Hed Kandi/Winter Chill 2 [Hed Kandi]

Posted on April 10, 2005 at 12:04 AM
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