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2001 - December 22

Stanton Warriors Mix:
DJ Deller ‘Romantica’ (???)
Beau Mot Plage ‘Isolee (Stanton Warriors Mix)’ (Classic)
Stanton Warriors ‘Right Here (Dubs)’ (XL)
Reach And Spin ‘The Hype (Stanton Warriors Mix)’ (Go! Beat)
Stanton Warriors ‘The Antidote’ (Mob)
??? ‘???’ (???)
??? ‘???’ (???)

Felix Da Housecat Mix:
Metro Area 3 ‘Caught Up’ (Environ)
Les Rythmes Digitales ‘Happiness To Loneliness’ (We Rock)
United States Of Deelat ‘Wetness Anthem’ (Crydamore)
Miss Kittin & The Hacker ‘Flexibility’ (International Deejay Gigolo Records)
Kiki ‘???’ (Bpitch Control)
Felix Da Housecat ‘Silver Screen Shower Scene’ (City Rockers)
Ellen Allien ‘Stadkind’ (Bpitch Control)
Felix Da Housecat ‘The Rush’ (Clashback)
Metroplex ‘No U.F.O.‘S’ (Metroplex)
Mirwais ‘Naiive Song (Dave Clarke Remix)’ (Epic)
Adult ‘Hard To Phone’ (Clone)

Warp Brothers Mix:
Warp Brothers ‘Intro’ (Nulife)
Deepback ‘Santaz Cruz’ (???)
SF-Express ‘Pornmusik’ (???)
D.H.S. ‘House Of G-D’ (Edel)
Felix Da Housecat ‘Harlot’ (City Rockers)
Liquid DJ Team ‘Liquidation’ (???)
Noname ‘I’M Your DJ’ (???)
Warp Brothers ‘Blast The Speakers’ (Nulife)
Marco V ‘Indicator’ (???)
??? ‘Warp 10’ (???/Acetate)
Windsider ‘Hidden Flight’ (???)
Marco Bailey ‘Ipanema’ (???)
Mauro Picotto ‘Awesome!!!’ (???)
Thomas Schumacher ‘Ficken?’ (???)
W&P ‘Slobodan’ (???)
Project No.2 ‘Bad Dreams’ (???)

Richard “Scanty” Marshall Mix:
Whiplash ‘Ghetto Tears’ (Loaded)
Tony Thomas ‘Living It’ (Purpose)
Halo ‘Dark Clouds’ (B:R)
Silicone Soul ‘Chic-O-La’ (Soma)
Johnny Fiasco ‘Subculture’ (Doubledown)
Manaca Chus & Ceballos ‘The Strong Rhythm’ (Stereo Productions)
6400 Crew ‘Down In A Land’ (Tango)
??? ‘Deeper Down’ (Underwater)
Dark Male ‘Night Life’ (Groovetech)
Paper Nation ‘Water Snake’ (Blue Black)
Tony Thomas ‘Beginnings’ (Soma)
Milk & Sugar ‘Higher & Higher’ (1Off)
Tim Deluxe ‘Sirens’ (Underwater)

Posted on April 10, 2005 at 01:29 PM
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