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2003 - January 17

Paradox ‘Jailbreak (House Tip)’ (Ronin/Obsessive) (Taken From ‘Ian Pooley Excursions’ Mix-CD)
Sueno Latino ‘Sueno Latino’ (Distinctive/Obsessive) (Taken From ‘Ian Pooley Excursions’ Mix-CD)
Mandy Smith ‘I Just Can‘t Wait’ (PWL/Obsessive) (Taken From ‘Ian Pooley Excursions’ Mix-CD)
Andrea Doria ‘Bucci Bag (Original)’ (Magneti Marelli/Southern Fried)
Layo & Bushwacka! ‘Deep South (ILS Remix)’ (End)

808 State ‘Born In The North’ (Wooden)
Yes ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart (808 State Mix)’ (East West)
Graham Massey ‘Laffa’ (Unreleased)
Tony Williams Lifetime ‘Right On’ (Polydor) (Taken From ‘Turn It Up’ Album)
Biting Tongues ‘Reflector’ (Live IT) (Taken From ‘The New Hormones’ Tape)
Hawkins ‘I Just Wanna Innovate’ (???)
808 State & Simian ‘606’ (Circus) (Taken From ‘Outpost Transmission’ CD)
10cc ‘Rubber Bullets’ (Mercury) (Taken From ‘The Very Best Of...’ Album)
Homelife ‘Fruit Machine’ (Ninja Tune) (Taken From ‘Flying Wonders’ Album)
808 State ‘Wheatstraw’ (Circus) (Taken From ‘Outpost Transmission’ CD)
Graham Massey ‘13 13’ (Unreleased)
??? ‘Flash’ (Nippon Columbia)
Toolshed ‘Pazuzu’ (Theme From Exorcist II)’ (???)
Spaceheads ‘Storm Force 8’ (Bip Hop) (Taken From ‘Low Pressure’ Album)

Toktok Vs. Soffy O ‘Day Of Mine (Ludicrous Idiots)’ (East West/Loaded/Fuel) (Taken From ‘Toktok Vs. Soffy O’ Album)
PFN ‘Fascination’ (10 Kilo) (Taken From ‘Fascination’ Album)
Richard Pryor ‘Show Biz’ (Island) (Taken From ‘Black Ben The Blacksmith’ Album)
Aphex Twin ‘Polynominal-C’ (DMC/Update/R&S) (Taken From ‘Back To Mine – The Orb’ Mix-CD)
Richard Pryor ‘Dark Person’ (Island) (Taken From ‘Black Ben The Blacksmith’ Album)
Charles Bukowski ‘The State Of World Affairs’ (King Mob) (Taken From ‘At Terror Street And Agony Way’ Album/CD2)
Shifted Phases ‘Solar Wind’ (Tresor)
(Taken From ‘The Cosmic Memoirs Of The Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthrope’ Album)
Carmine Coppola And Francis Coppola ‘Clean’s Funeral’ (Zeotrop/Miramax)
(Taken From ‘Apocalypse Now Redux’ Album)
50 Cent ‘Places To Go’ (Shady/Interscope) (Taken From ‘Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture 8 Mile’ Album)
Mobb Deep ‘Shook Ones Pt. II’ (RCA/Shady/Interscope) (Taken From ‘More Music From 8 Mile’ Compilation)
Eminem ‘Song For The Moment (Radio Edit_Clean)’ (Interscope/Shady/Aftermath)
Wild Buch ‘The Look Of Love’ (4th & Broadway/Strut)
(Taken From ‘The Wild Bunch Story Of A Sound System Mixed By DJ Milo)
Sean Paul ‘Gimme The Light (Remix)’ (Atlantic) (Taken From ‘Dutty Rock’ (Clean) Album)
PD Syndicate ‘Ruff Like Me (Radio Version)’ (Ffrr/Public Demand)
Wild Buch Live Feat. Daddy G ‘Double Fresh’ (Strut)
(Taken From ‘The Wild Bunch Story Of A Sound System Mixed By DJ Milo)
Audio Bullys ‘The Things’ (Source) (Taken From ‘Ego War’ Sampler)
Stereo De Luxe Orchestra ‘Kids In France’ (Bungalow) (Taken From ‘Risiko 100’ 12inch”)

Posted on April 10, 2005 at 06:25 PM
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