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2003 - March 07

Rennie Pilgrem & Uberzone ‘Cous Cous (VIP Remix)’ (TCR/Distinctive)
(Taken From ‘Y4K Tayo Next Level Breaks’ Mix-CD/CD1)
Loco ‘Eighty Ten (Panic In The Streets Mix)’ (Global Harmony/Distinctive)
(Taken From ‘Y4K Tayo Next Level Breaks’ Mix-CD/CD1)
Dave Clarke ‘The Compass (Tayo & Acid Rockers Remix)’ (Skint/Distinctive)
(Taken From ‘Y4K Tayo Next Level Breaks’ Mix-CD/CD1)
Tayo Meets Acid Rockers Uptown ‘Prophet Dub’ (Skiny/Distinctive)
(Taken From ‘Y4K Tayo Next Level Breaks’ Mix-CD/CD1)
Paul Jackson ‘The Push (Main Mix)’ (Underwater)
Phil Keiran ‘Africa 70 (Original Mix)’ (Journeys By DJ 12inch”)

Pantytec ‘Elastobabe’ (Perlon)
Induceve ‘Monolevel’ (Classic)
Barada ‘Detente’ (Low Pressings)
Andrew Mcclaughlin ‘Love Story (Simon Digby Mix)’ (Bush)
Pantytec ‘Elastobabe’ (Perlon)
Trevor Rockliffe ‘Need You’ (Mentor)
Gaetano Parisio ‘Chapter 6’ (Southsoul)

Sweet Charles ‘Yes It’s You’ (Univeral/Obsessive) (Taken From ‘The Return Of Funk Phenomena’ Compilation)
Bill Withers ‘Grandma’s Hands (Live)’ (Sony/Obsessive)
(Taken From ‘Lo Fidelity Allstars Present Abstract Funk Theory’ Compilation/Mix-CD)
Common Feat. Sonny ‘Electric Wire Hustler Flower’ (Universal) (Taken From ‘Electric Circus’ Album)
50 Cent ‘Gotta Make It To Heaven’ (Shady/Interscope) (Taken From ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’‘ Album)
Winston ‘King’ Cole ‘Black Magic Woman’ (Impact/Randy’s Records/Soul Jazz) (Taken From ‘Impact’ Compilation Album)
J-Walk ‘Another Lover (RJD2 Remix - Vocal)’ (East West)
Stephen R. Covey ‘Principle-Centered Leadership’ (Franklin Covey)
(Taken From ‘Principle-Centered Leadership’ Spoken Word Album)
Zongamin ‘Double Dostiev’ (XL) (Taken From ‘Zongamin’ Album)
Sir Drew ‘Shemale’ (Kingsize) (Taken From ‘Feet First’ Album)
Revolvo ‘Knocking Shop’ (Tummy Touch) (Taken From ‘Killing Time Between Meals’ Album)
Chilly ‘For Your Love (Spezial Disco Version)’ (Polydor)
Tomcraft ‘Loneliness (Radio Cut)’ (Kosmo/Universal)
Jody K Jenkins ‘Pluck’ (Jody J Jenkins) (Taken From ‘Pre-Set’ Compilation Album)
Futureshock ‘Sparc’ (Parlophone/Junior) (Taken From ‘Phanom Theory’ Album)
Dino Lenny Vs The Housemartins ‘Change The World (Radio Edit)’ (Free2Air)
The Go! Team ‘Ladyflash’ (Memphis Industries) (Taken From ‘Estuary English’ Compilation)
N*E*R*D ‘Provider (Zero 7 Radio Edit)’ (Virgin) (Taken From ‘Lapdance/Provider’ CD Single)

Posted on April 10, 2005 at 06:38 PM
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